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Employer Contributions

Group Life/AD&D

% Group Life/AD&D

Supplementary Life Insurance

% Supplementary Life Insurance

Supplementary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

% Supplementary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Long Term Disability

% Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability

% Short Term Disability

Dental Insurance
High Plan    Low Plan

% Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

% Vision Insurance

Benefits waiting period for new employees is the completion of:

30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 180 Days 365 Days


Are any former employees and/or dependents eligible for coverage through COBRA for dental or vision? Yes No

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Group Life/AD&D Insurance *

Fixed Amounts






Salary Option

1 X Salary

1.5 X Salary

2 X Salary

2.5 X Salary

3 X Salary

*Employers must pay 100% of the premium to be eligible for pricing quoted.

Supplementary Life Options

These products may be either employer paid or employer/employee shared payment:

Supplemental Life

Dependent Life

Supplemental AD&D

Long Term Disability Insruance (LTD)

Elimination Period

90 Days

180 Days

Benefit Schedule



Benefit Payment

$8,000 Monthly Maximum

$10,000 Monthly Maximum



Employee/Shared Payment

Short Term Disability Insruance (STD)

Elimination Period (Sickness/Injury)

7 Days

30 Days

Benefit Period

13 Weeks

26 Weeks

Benefit Schedule


Benefit Payment

$300 Weekly Maximum

$2,000 Weekly Maximum



Employee/Shared Payment

Dental Insurance

Groups can offer both a high and a low dental plan to all employees

High Option

Low Option


Vision Insurance


No Vision

* NAMIC reserves the right to perform employer audits to ensure employers are paying the entire cost of any coverage elected as "100% employer paid".

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