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The Group Insurance Trust is proud to introduce MetLife as our dental carrier for 2014.

  • MetLife is one of the largest dental carriers in the U.S. with one single National PPO network that includes over 177,000 dentists.
  • The high plan option includes orthodontia benefits
  • Dependents can remain covered until the end of the month when they turn 26
  • Rates will be subsidized by NAMIC to help pass on lower costs to you!

For 140 years, MetLife has been insuring the lives of the people who depend on them. MetLife is a committed and knowledgeable partner continually integrating the latest market trends, clinical research and practice protocols into our standard plans to provide innovative products and services.


MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) is a dental preferred provider organization that provides benefits for a range of covered services. Your MetLife dental benefits plan is designed to help you save on your out-of-pocket costs. Participating dentists have agreed to accept negotiated fees as payment in full for covered and non-covered Services. This means your out-of-pocket costs are typically 15-45% less than average charges in the same community.¹ Plus, you have the flexibility to visit any dentist whether he or she is in our network or not, just remember that your out-of-pocket costs may be higher since negotiated fees do not apply.

NAMIC’s dental plan with MetLife reimburses out-of-network providers at the 99th percentile of reasonable and customary charges and pays benefits at the same coinsurance level for services both in and out of network. This really means that you can visit any dentist you like.

MetLife will pay the provider directly to alleviate the member from having to pay upfront for services.

1. Savings from enrolling in a dental benefits plan will depend on various factors, including the cost of the plan, how often participants visit the dentist and the cost of services rendered. Negotiated fees on non-covered services may not apply in all states.

Submitting a Claim.
With the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP), there are no dental I.D. cards required when you visit your dental provider.

Most MetLife network dentists will bill MetLife directly for any covered services. However, we recommend that you speak with your dentist about payment arrangements before treatment begins. If you need a claim form, you can call MetLife at 800-942-0854 or download a copy on-line:

  • Download a claim form at under Dental Participant Tools or visit
  • Submit the completed Dental Expense Claim Form to:

    MetLife Dental Claims
    P.O. Box 981282
    El Paso, TX 79998-1282
    Fax: (859) 389-6505

Claim status can also be accessed through the automated voice response system at 800-942-0854.


>> MetLife website:

>> Dental Education Website – provides important tools and resources to help you become more informed about dental care.

>> Finding a network dentist:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Find a Dentist" in the blue box on the right side of the page
  3. The "Dental PPO" network will be selected for you
  4. Input your zip code and click "Go"

The search results will show you the first 50 providers in your area.
You can click to review the additional providers at the bottom of the page, print your results from the top of the page, or redefine your results at the bottom of the result page.

>> Resources:

>> Dental Plan Summary

>> Dental Plan Summary NAMIC- High Plan

>> High Plan Certificate

>> Dental Plan Summary NAMIC- Low Plan

>> Low Plan Certificate

>> Frequently Asked Questions About Using Your Dental Plan

>> Dental Claim Form

>> “Transition of Care” Guidelines

>> Understanding Your Group Dental PPO Benefits Plan

>> MetLife Privacy Notice

>> MetLife Website Member Login / Registration

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